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date de création : 05/01/2013

At EasyPark, we love cities. We love them for work, for play and everything in between. That’s why our mission is to make life in cities that much easier – by taking care of the parking. With the use of technology, we break barriers, helping improve the urban experience. Our aim is to create a scenario where parking supply and driver demand are balanced not due to additional parking spots and fewer cars, but thanks to predictive technology that connects our users to available spots.

Who are we?
EasyPark Group is a leading digital service company focused on building the world’s most comprehensive marketplace for parking. The EasyPark app, which lets drivers find and manage their parking payment (and electric vehicle charging), is the flagship product currently available in 25 European countries and Australia – and with a big ambition to grow our international footprint even further!

2 rue du pont colbert Versailles